Nature Journaling at Prairie Ridge

Nature Journaling! Join us at Prairie Ridge once each season to begin or continue on your nature journaling adventures.

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Pi Alpha Xi Plant Sale – now at NCMA

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Don’t Skip These

by: John Gerwin

I went outside this week, on a couple afternoons, to check out the butterflies. A number of butterfly-attracting plants are now blooming nicely (New York Ironweed, Cup Plant, Smooth Oxeye, Green-headed Sneezeweed/Coneflower, Summer Phlox). And, as I’d expected/hoped, a number of Skipper butterflies have now appeared to feed at these flowers (I saw 4 Skipper species that day, in an hour of looking around). Continue reading


Fox in the yard Thursday pm

Yard moth

from John Gerwin:

tulip treebeautyepimecishortaria 01 rw backyard johngerwin resize

Attached are photos of a moth I’ve seen a few times around the yard and house, over the years. I’m always struck by the beauty of zigzag and wavy lines I see on some moths and butterflies. And that beauty is captured in the name of this one: Tulip-tree Beauty (moth; Epimecis hortaria). Against better judgement, this one stood out by resting on the outside of one of my birdhouses. Normally one might find one, or rather, flush one, from the bark of a tree where it is very well-camouflaged. Continue reading

Wild West in the news

Raleigh’s Wild West Avent garden group promotes wildlife habitat

Linda Pearsall, center, was director of NC Natural Heritage Program and is part of Wild West Avent, a gardening-for-wildlife group in West Raleigh, that hosts events. an online blog and listserv for members.

photo: Jim Paumier


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Front Porch Discoveries

from John Gerwin:

pinkthreadnest cachmaybe stephaniezuk

pinkthreadnest cachmaybe stephaniezuk

“Can you tell me what kind of bird nest this is?” Continue reading